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I have some pretty amazing news to share about my personal experience with the ReAction Full Spectrum Extract products!!! I was put on a prescription blood pressure medication last October...and it worked...but I didn't like the way it made me feel so I stopped taking it. Since my blood pressure so was so high I knew that I would need to get back on something eventually. I decided to delay getting back on a prescription when I was introduced to the ReAction FSE products and have been taking them for the past 6 weeks. Had my BP checked the day I started taking the products...and then again today...and I really have no words.

6 weeks ago:

168 over 105.


140 over 88.

Same machine. And I have been taking nothing except for my ReAction products. *We cannot make any medical claims...but I now have another amazing personal testimonial to share. And I am sharing it with EVERYONE.

-Jeff Arbaugh

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