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My own testimony......A little over a year ago I was so exhausted all the time. The simplest chore would wear me out for the day. My heart would start racing for no reason.... My hands would have slight tremors......couldn't sleep more than a couple of hours at a time, but all I wanted to do was sleep. I was mentally and physically exhausted! After several tests and lots of bloodwork I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease (an autoimmune disease), which caused my thyroid to go into hyper mode......hyperthyroidism. Anyone that has thyroid issues knows that it is not fun! Last year after my diagnosis I was in NC visiting my son. My son introduced me to Candice who told me a lot of the benefits of CBD. She is behind the manufacturing of feel the reaction. I bought some and I could not believe how much better felt in 3 DAYS! More energy than I had in a long time......sleeping longer than two hours...... it’s been great! I was given the opportunity to join the company Feel the Reaction through my son. I am now taking the ReAction hemp products......capsules, tincture (drops), skin care cream, and of course the yummy chocolates! I was having dry heaves several times a week, and heartburn almost daily. In 2 weeks......I do not have either one! I went to the doctor and had bloodwork done...guess what?!?! My TSH, free t4 and my free t3 are all within normal range!!! These numbers have been way off since before I was diagnosed! As of two weeks ago all my meds were cut in half, from 3 pills per day now to a half of pill a day and all my numbers are in line. I feel better now than I have felt in a long time! I am beyond excited to share this with everyone! I was just as skeptical as everyone else.......but now I am a believer! Thank you Reaction, for making such a huge difference in my life!

-Lori Bowersock


Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Colo/Rectal Cancer. After 6 months of terrible chemotherapy and radiation treatments, I was told that the cancer was basically gone and all I needed to do was have periodic CT and PET Scans to make sure that everything was ok. 10 months ago, the CT Scan showed that the cancer was not only back but had metastasized to my lungs and liver. Because I had such a difficult time with the Chemo and Radiation before, my oncologist was able to get me in an experimental Immunotherapy study at Levine Cancer Center in Charlotte, NC. The spots on my lung basically disappeared as a result of the treatments, but the liver spot did not. The Dr decided to do an ablation, which involved inserting a needle into the tumor and blasting it with microwaves. The treatment was successful as well. Three months later, the CT Scan showed that another spot had appeared on my liver and because of the proximity to a major blood vessel, another ablation was not an option. The only other option was surgery to remove the tumor along with a portion of my liver, which would cause me to be cancer free once again. Because of scheduling issues, the surgery was scheduled for two months out. The week prior to my surgery, the CT Scan showed no change in the liver spot and my original Colo/Rectal cancer had returned. The surgery was postponed while the other tumor was treated with chemotherapy. Once again, I was having a horrible time with the side effects of the chemotherapy. The worst one was the development of lymphedema in my right leg…and then my left leg due to the chemotherapy. This is an incurable condition that causes major swelling, itching, and intense pain in the sole and heel of the feet. This was way worse than any of the other side effects and I was reduced to using a cane and then a walker in order to get around. I was complaining about the pain to my next-door neighbor, Melody Miller, several months ago and she said that I should try some ReAction products because they had really helped her with her own foot issues. She gave me all of the brochures explaining the various products and how they were created. My oncologist reviewed them and did his own research and told me that he saw no reason that I couldn’t try them since they would not react in any way with ANY of the drugs that I was taking to fight the cancer. I tried a sample of the ReAction Pain Relief as well as the capsules. Within 30 minutes of applying the Relief Salve to my legs and feet, the sharp, shooting pains that I had been dealing with were basically gone! In addition, I was taking one ReAction capsule between 8 and 10 pm at night and was able to sleep uninterrupted through the night, which I had not been able to do before. I now apply the Pain Relief salve once every two days to each leg and take the Capsules every night.

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I have been able to reduce the use of my morphine pain pills by 75% and do not have to take prescription sleeping pills, both of which had their own set of unpleasant side effects!!! In addition, the hair that I had lost due to hemotherapy is growing back, which should not be happening until several months after I finish the chemotherapy, according to my oncologist! Also, upon Melody’s recommendation, I am giving 1 dropper full of the ReAction tincture once every two days to my 14 year old arthritic dog. Prior to starting this, he could hardly climb the stairs and now he is playing with our 1 year old dog just like a happy puppy! The best thing I can say about all of the ReAction products is that they have relieved the pains that my oncologist said nothing he could give me would do…and now my dog is happier and more active than he has been in years!!

-Trafton Lindsay Hardison

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I am 19 years old and have struggle with incontinence for all of my life. In the past 6 months they just recently found a fix for my problem. Before this fix I would get severe diaper rashes. I couldn’t find any relief from any of the medications I tried and or any of the natural home remedies. I was introduced to ReAction Revive slave. I was told to apply the salve 3-4 times per day. Within 30 mins or so the pain went away significantly and after 3 days the rash was completely gone! Because of these issues I struggled with sleeping issues along with depression. I was recomended to start taking the ReAction capsules and after the first night I started sleeping better along with feeling better about myself and my life. I gained confidence in myself and I am not so depressed. Overall the quality of my life has changed using ReAction! This is not a testimony someone my age would want to share but I feel it is important for people to know just how powerful an amazing these products are.

-Sam Chopko

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